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A PNG file is going to give you the best image quality, which is very important for a beautiful website. Using poor quality images is not only bad, but can also impact your site’s performance. The only downside to a PNG file is that it is considered a larger file size. But PNGs allow you to work with your image’s original background transparency.JPEG is a great choice because it won’t take up as much space as a PNG. The quality you get with a JPEG image is still pretty good, but not as good as a PNG image. But, it works well for larger photos. Once a user clicks through to your site, you want them to stick around. Unique, creative, and quirky images can captivate someone enough to keep them scrolling and clicking. This goes hand in hand with loading speeds and the overall look of quality.

To Explain Image Compression Here Is  Necessary Pie Analogy

Some other online SEO experts suggest using Web for smaller files and SVG for logos and small icons. Of course, these require different tools such as CSS and JavaScript. An uncompressed image for a search engine is like considering a second piece of pie after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. It will only bloat and piss you off, and in the end, you’ll walk away from the pie forever. By Jamaica Phone number compressing your images, you can save a ton of space on the weight of your website, which will help improve page load times. Website speed is critical Not only does this help search engines, but it also improves your site’s accessibility to your visitors user experience

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Unfortunately, not all of us are talented photographers capable of creating our own high-quality visual content for our websites. However, that’s no excuse to use stock images that exist on the World Wide Web. Of course, there are tons of platforms like Flickr that give us access to royalty-free photos, but you have to keep in mind that every page owner has access to these same tools. So when looking for a free photo of a sunset, keep in mind that thousands of other users have probably used that same piece. Uniqueness is actually a key part of image SEO. While a search engine won’t necessarily notice similar images – especially if you use a unique filename – your site visitors certainly will.

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